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chapter 2: page 12

2009-10-19 21:42:21

Vix gets to tell Jo what happened...


It's a very curvy Vix! [holy crap she looks so womanly! my lil vix is a sexy lady!! oaahjfsfsdfhjk] And it's by Nina aka 'Sav' on the forums =) GO LOVE HER WITH ME 8D

Also, I forgot to mention that I updated the character section. Check the 'Others' part for the easter egg character :'D

Current Incentive:

This time, we have a character that I haven't introduced yet! [she comes in around chapter 4 or 5. :'D]
But I doodled this yesterday and ended up throwing some photoshop at it, so I thought I'd use it here. =D Enjoy her 8D

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