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chapter 10: page 14

2015-01-16 13:19:21

not gonna lie, all the speculation on the previous page was great. i love you guys. never stop being awesome haha.

sorry this page is a bit late... i was procrastinating a lot this week on side arts for my own entertainment [some on my nsfw tumblr (not gonna link it sorry lol), and then the kylie gif (sfw, unless making out is too much for you haha)] but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do haha. thanks for your patience :)

okay time for that fanart dump. i'm super sure i am forgetting some tho ;_;...

From artofcaeldian @ tumblr [highly suggest reading the reblog thread lmao... KOUSANDER FTW]

from some adorb nerd

from felix~ [webcomic] - [tumblr]

from amanda~ [webcomic] - [tumblr]

WHEW hopefully i coded all that right hahaha ;_; I LOVE YOU GUYS THANK YOU!!

Current Incentive:

Question 3 in the HS meme... this one features Vix and Lysander lol. This is also the last one I did in the meme T_T;; oops. I'll try to pick it up again sometime haha.

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