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chapter 9: page 29

2014-06-12 21:04:09

oh my god arianna this is not about you ok

but at least we see where vix gets her angst from lolol

I THINK I HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO SAY but for the life of me i can't remember it... was it fanart...??? was...was it comic news??? I DON'T REMEMBER

[it's probably alzheimer's tbh]

Holy jeez, it's getting close now =D Thanks if any of you helped out!

Current Incentive:

Something I doodled in the livestream for this page haha. Deni of The Only Half Saga and Gemutations asked me to draw her Cabe with my Zeke... so this happened. I figure they were all drinking and Kou started moonwalking [as he tends to do] and Cabe was like, "I CAN DO THAT WATCH ME" and promptly tripped over Zeke, who was hanging out on the floor for some reason. [cos drunk?] So yea there is that. Also under that sketch I included another doll thing I did for d*s: high cos WHY NOT

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