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chapter 7: page 51

2013-04-05 09:35:11

Poor Rylie xD She's definitely feeling like a jackhole over all this...

I am kinda in a rush cos Izzie is raping my ears with her happy sounds [turn down your volume probably lol]...

I updated a few things around the site. About page - added izzie. Character page - added arlie [no info yet]. FAQ page - updated schedule question.

NEED to update my links page and the sidebar. I'll do that when I can.

AWAAAY [my eaaars fhasfj]

Current Incentive:

NSFW-ish...popping it on there cos it is, but there's nothing really showing! This is some Ry/Vix cheesecake I drew months ago but never finished. I felt like it would go with today's page well enough LMAO.

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