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chapter 7: page 5

2011-09-29 19:18:33

I missed drawing Julie [vix's foster mama], like ridiculously so xD; Looking forward to more scenes with her again @_@ sigh.

Also ..sorry I didn't do chara questions this week. I collected all the questions and was planning to work on a round of them after I finished prepping this page, but this page took a serious amount of retouching, art and dialogue wise...@_@;; it was already 5 before I was done with that, and I ended up with a huge headache. I tried to doodle some chara FAQs still, but my head was hurting too much to think of anything interesting or amusing, so I'll try for it next week instead xD;

Gonna go take a nap...think the lack of sleep this week might be part of why I am feeling bad lol.

Current Incentive:

Seeing as I spent most of the day/week working on comic related stuff and commissions, I didn't really get a chance to draw anything else... so I went thru some of my old art and threw a bunch into this... a lot of doodles, some mini comic stuff etc...sorry, this one kinda blows I guess lol. :( I made sure they were all d*s related tho.

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