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chapter 6: page 11

2011-03-31 19:45:50

I considered doing an April Fool's page, but I figure I make you guys wait long enough for new pages each week as it is. Also, I suck at pranks. Maybe I'll try next year, when I'm not bogged down with wedding planning and commissions lol...

Also, this isn't an April Fool's joke, but I *will* be pausing my updates at the end of the month due to the wedding/honeymoon stuff...Maybe I'll post 2 pages a week afterward for a couple weeks to make up for it!! I'll give a heads up when I know exactly when I'll take this small break.

In other news!
If you haven't kept up with it, the d*s playlist has been very busy!! I highly suggest you listen to bullitts dominae, because it's awesome and I really need to draw a picture to it lol. 8D

Updated the fanart section finally!!
Vix as a Vocaloid!
KOUKIII XD adorabley.
POSSIBLY nsfw? But only because it's so hiliarious and gross that you'll be laughing really loud and get in trouble with your boss.
NSFW-ish. Vix + Kou, blood and sexy tiems.
^ all of the above courtesy of Shotakat@DA from the past month or so~ [yeah i have been neglecting my fanart page for a whileee...]

Vix hangin' out with Sienna [tay's chara] by my buddy, taylorzzzz

Current Incentive:

WIP of Arianna and Vix I started last week, since I don't think I've ever done a pic of the two of them before. Also, every time I'd listen to Daughter by Vienna Teng, I would want to draw them, cos I feel like Ari probably feels that way about Vix... idk when I will finish this pic so I am showing it as is now lol.

next update: fri - april 8th
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