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chapter 6: page 7

2011-03-03 23:01:08

Vix and Kou arrive back at the inn...

UGH UGH UGH i forgot to post the fanart this week. SOMEONE BUG ME ABOUT IT LATER.

I did update the FAQ page with a new question about how long d*s is [since everyone and their goat has asked me!] but that's not very interesting...sorry. LOL

Also check the forums for me rambling [more like flipping the fuck out] about ch 6 / vol 1 wrapping up! exciting!!

Current Incentive:

GENDER SWAPS!! Victims in this batch are Lysander, Arianna, Vix and Kou... AKA, Lysendra, Arian, Tex and Kouki!! 8DDDDDDD

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